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Digital Templating and Rendering


Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine how a new enclosure will look on a vessel, especially if one didn't exist before. With our process we can template and design your enclosure before any materials are used and fine tune the design to your desire.


(New frame just installed on this vessel based on digital design)

While the traditional way of templating has been the standard for years and still used with many marine canvas shops,  our templating process takes accurate digital patterns of your vessel. This method of templating results in a faster, more accurate pattern, while also reducing waste and the ability to work in more adverse weather conditions vs traditional templating with plastic.

Traditional Templating
CAD processing.jpg

Digital patterns are processed in CAD programs to create digital representations of your projects using a multi-step process. With accurate digital patterns, changes to overall design are easier to accomplish and fine tune the final product. 

Projects can then be digitally rendered providing a projection of the final product to be fabricated and installed on your vessel.

CAD processing rendered.jpg

Once approved, patterns are sent to be plotted directly to fabric and on to fabrication.

Once fabrication is completed, your project is installed on your vessel.

Your vessels patterns are then stored for future production in case replacement pieces are needed. Lets face it, accidents happen.

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