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Punishment from the elements and wear and tear deteriorates your canvas leading to leaky and unsightly covers and windows. Let CYA Canvas replace or repair your worn or dated covers to give your vessel a new look!

- Biminis

- Enclosures

- Shrouds

- Cockpit Covers

- Vinyl (eisenglass) Windows

- Polycarbonate Windows

- Camper Tops

- Camper Enclosures

and MORE

IMG_0711 (1).JPG


Constant use and environmental exposure break down your vessels upholstery diminishing the look and comfort of your craft. CYA Canvas can replace your seats restoring the appearance and feel they once had.

- Cockpit Seats

- Bow Cushions

- Covers

- Pillows

and MORE


Cockpit Flooring

Cockpit flooring can serve a number of purposes for your vessel adding Comfort to the surface, Safety from slipping, Noise Reduction when underway and Aestetics giving your vessel a luxurious and finished look. 

- Cockpit carpeting

- Interior Runners

and MORE

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